The Boogy-Man

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The above picture was made by Alex Panagop titled “sweet halloween dreams” and can be found here.


In my first blog entry, (“Dreaming…”), I made mention of “Lammy”.  Lammy is my daughter’s night-time, true to life, Guardian.  Yeah.  With a capital “G”.  She, (or he…though I’m certain if I asked, I would get a resounding “Lammy is a GIRL!” complete with disgusted look at even considering anything beyond that) is a rather beat-up looking, white…ish, fluffy…ish, stuffed toy that resembles a lamb.  My daughter has had her for…well, for ever really.

Originally, where my daughter went, so did Lammy.  The store or market, the yard, playground, walks, G’ma’s house, the car? There was Lammy idly observing her surroundings, ever watchful.  As the years wore on, (my daughter is coming on to the ripe old age of five and a half now), Lammy was forgotten more and more often on outings and adventures.  Frequently, on short outings Lammy’s where abouts were questioned by my girl, and most times I would respond with “Oh baby, we must have forgotten her…We’ll see her again real soon!”  And in nearly all the cases, I was honest about it.  “We” meaning mostly me, had forgotten poor Lammy at home – obviously to guard things and make sure The Boogy-Man didn’t get settled in while we were out of course!

Time wound on, as it does, and my little girl still has Lammy.  And Lammy still stands guard throughout the night.  Always vigilant.  Except for when she looses her footing and falls to the floor.  Which happens on occasion – my daughter can be a bit of a rambunctious sleeper.  Usually, my girl sleeps through the night, never noting her missing sentry.  On the rare occasion she wakes and finds her shining protector missing in action, there is no doubt that there is a fair amount of panic…that is, little miss usually ends up sprinting from her room, down the hallway, and into my room, (all of which are dark with the exception of the little nightlight in the hallway), vaulting onto my bed and over me with the precision and skill of the most elite gymnast, and squirms her way under the covers.  Only once the covers are pulled snugly under her chin do I ever hear a sigh of relief, that is if she has woken me up in the process, which as of late, doesn’t happen very often.

I fear for Lammy.  Not so much that she couldn’t defend herself or my baby girl from The Boogy-Man.  Oh no, there is no doubt in that.  Lammy is unparalleled in that department in our house.  The fear is that slowly but surely, my little girl is needing her less and less.  Meaning…unfortunately, that she is growing up and before too long Ms. Lammy will be a distant memory.

I suppose I am being a bit premature in this type of thinking.  Even though I am reminded, on nearly a daily basis, that she is not my little girl anymore, but she is, in fact, my big girl, I can’t help but feel sad for Lammy and what it means that my daughter is growing up…what it means for both Lammy and myself.

At some point…we will both lose that little girl who hid from The Boogie-Man with either one, the other, or both of us by her side.

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